• My main interest right now is in LLMs and Generative AI. In my work, I develop LLM-based applications, beginning with a research prototype and implementing an applied demo. I worked on a chatbot for graduate students in real life to help them understand better a specific university course. I published two papers demonstrating the chatbot implementation and its evaluation results. Additionally, I contributed to enhancing the user's experience with AI phone assistants using the power of LLMs.
• My Master's thesis is done in collaboration with NLP and Semantic Reasoning group in Bosch Center for AI (BCAI) in Renningen, Germany. I'm interested in the AI and Data Science field in general, and in the NLP / NLU area in particular.
• The high-level topic of my Master's thesis is "Cross-Domain Neural Entity Linking". I worked on a Transformer-based model to help make it an easy-to-extend-domains approach by experimenting which data is best for fine-tuning. A paper is published in RepL4NLP at ACL 2022.
• I am a motivated AI/ML Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of a wide variety of ML-related roles and projects.
• I am comfortable and flexible working on problems tackled by top-notch Deep Learning models, as well as tools and frameworks popularly used for Data Analysis, Data Processing and Data Visualization. I am cooperative in writing version-controlled and maintainable code and implementing data-driven solutions.
• I have the passion to apply state-of-the-art methods and models in real-world products and services used by millions of people and customers. I am also an ambivert who loves going to the gym, doing graphic design, talking about philosophy, traveling around the globe, and taking part in group activities!

Teaching Machines to teach themselves



Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Large-scale Language Modelling, Generative AI, Conversational AI, Dialogue Systems, Chatbot Design, Neural Information Extraction, Retrieval Augmented Generation, Neural Machine Translation, Probability & Statistics, Data Analysis & Visualization.


LangChain, LlamaIndex, HuggingFace, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Pandas, NumPy, Leaflet, Matplotlib, Django, Streamlit, Flask, Jira, Git, Airflow, Docker, Kubernetes.


Annotation, Benchmarking, Debugging, Prototyping, Technical Reports, Distributed Computing.


Python, R, Java, C++/C, Linux (Unix Operating Systems).

Web & DBs

Laravel, Java Spring, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js, SQL, MySQL, Redshift, DynamoDB.


Native Arabic, Fluent English, Intermediate German.

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